HACCP- Food Safety- Level One

Providing adequate food safety training to everyone who handles food in your business is a legal requirement for all food operating businesses. Food safety training protects your customers from health risks, food poisoning,

HACCP- Food Safety- Level One

Who should Attend:

Any employee involved in food preparation, service, handling, and storage or who have responsibility for managing food safety. It is ideal also for those working in professional kitchens, canteens, restaurants, delicatessens, hotels, crèches, and any other food operating businesses.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to food safety 
  • Handwashing & Personal Hygiene
  • Safe food practices 
  • Record keeping and temperature control 
  • Kitchen Hazards and Controls 
  • Health and Safety in the Kitchen 
  • Preventing Cross Contamination 
  • Cleaning and Sanitization 
  • Pest Control & Waste Management 
  • Allergy’s and Intolerances

Course Duration: 

3 hours 

Course Price: 



Basic Food Safety Level One Certificates are awarded to all participants on successful completion of practical assessment & theory examination. Valid for 3 years.

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HACCP- Food Safety- Level One

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