Employee Orientation

Employee orientation is the process of introducing new hires to their jobs, co-workers, responsibilities, and workplace.

Employee Orientation

Effective employee orientation answers any questions or concerns a new colleague may have, makes them aware of company policies and expectations, and eases them comfortably into their new positions.

Making new hires comfortable when they start a job is important to retention and happiness of future employees. Employees often start a position feeling uncertain about their surroundings and future. 

Orientation is teaching employees about your companies’ philosophies, goals, visions, missions & values. 

Orientation lets employees understand their day to day roles within the company, the ethical nature of the business and the general attitude of the workforce. It also allows new employees to integrate into the culture of the company & develop relationships with their managers & colleagues.

Master Training College will design your orientation based on your company’s philosophies, goals, visions, missions & values. This includes the PowerPoint presentation, Handbooks, Learning Materials etc. We will work with your HR team to deliver orientations or alternatively our trainers will come to you.

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Employee Orientation

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