Employee Handbooks

An employee handbook is a document that contains the company’s health and safety policies and the company’s internal operating procedures.

Employee Handbooks

It us usually delivered to an employee upon their first day of employment or during their induction or orientation into the company. The employee handbook ensures all employees understand the companies Internals policies and procedures, their roles, and responsibilities as an employee and what the company expects from them. The Handbook also protect the rights of employers and employees. 

Handbook includes:

  • Company description and welcoming
  • Standard contractual terms & conditions  
  • Grievance & Disciplinary policies 
  • Bully, Harassment & Dignity at work policies  
  • Email, Internet & Mobile phone polices
  • Social Media Polices 
  • Alcohol, Drugs & substance abuse polices 
  • GDPR & Confidentiality Policies 
  • Working hours & rest periods
  • Annual Leave Policies
  • Sick Leave Policies
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave Policies
  • Company Property
  • Security Policies
  • Company Vehicle Policies
  • Health & Safety Policies
    and more…..

Master Training college design your employee handbooks based on the company’s safety statement, existing Internal policies & procedures and the company’s mission, goals, values, and vision.

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Employee Handbooks

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