Service Etiquette Training

Service Etiquette Training :

Service etiquette is about having the right mannerisms and attitudes while dealing with customers. Master Hospitality’s Service Etiquette training is tailored to ensure your team has the right mannerism towards your brand and your customers. The right attitude ensures your customers are happy with your brand at all times.

Example of topics covered:

  • Smile and demonstrate good manners.
  • Teach employees to smile, leading by example.
  • Establish a culture of high-quality customer service
  • Make customers feel comfortable, valued, and appreciated.
  • Treat customers with respect, empathy, and efficiency.
  • Listen actively to be responsive and exceed customer expectations.
  • Effectively resolve the customer’s problem.
  • Say “Thank you” and “Please” graciously.

Course Duration:

One to one skills training incorporated as part of your overall training program

Classroom-based -courses available, please contact us directly for more details.


Prices vary depending on the establishment, the volume of staff and your training needs. Please contact us directly for more details.

If part of your personalized training program the price is incorporated into your agreed upon budget.

Certificate/ Qualifications:

Participants receive a Master Hospitality certificate in Service Etiquette skills at a 5* level

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