Interview Skills Workshop

Master Training College’s Interactive Interview skills workshop is designed to ensure participants gain the necessary skills, qualities & abilities to sit any interview in an industry.

Course Aims & Objectives:

  1. Give participants the skills and confidence to sit any interview in any environment
  2. Ensure participant know how to fully prepare for an interview
  3. Give participant the tools to effectively communicate in an interview
  4. Give participant knowledge to answer any possible interview questions
  5. Ensure participant know how to sell themselves professionally
  6. Participants sit mock interview to reduce anxiety & nerves

Course Content:

  1. Types of Interviews
  2. The structure of an  interview
  3. Knowing your CV
  4. The 10 fundamentals of interviews
  5. Communicating in an interview
  6. The six categories of interview questions
  7. Closing the interview
  8. Role play exercises

Full day Workshop with lunch provided.
Check out our public courses page for course dates

Price: €85 per person with 10% student discount available

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