Interdepartmental Training


Master Hospitality’s interdepartmental training is designed to instill a sense of community and teamwork between all departments within your business. Employees working for large companies with many departments can sometimes forget that, although they may never see or speak to each other, you are one team with one goal and that is to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

This course is specifically designed for large businesses with more than five departments. Our aim is to educate your team on what each departments role is,and how each department is linked to the other. Our course ensures all departments understand each other and work together to build strong lines of communication and trust between all departments.

Course Content: Created specifically on your businesses operating procedures and individual department roles & standards of practice.

  • Individual Departments and their roles.
  • Service, Standards of practices & procedures within each department.
  • Interdepartmental communications and operations.
  • How good interdepartmental relationships can create an experience for your customers.
  • The principles of teamwork and how to be team player.
  • Role play exercises and scenarios

Course Duration: 

3 hours. Class based training.


Varies depending on departmental budgets, volume of staff and training needs.

For more information or a consultation please call us on 0873628617.


On site or based close to your business address.

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