Bartender Training

Bartenders give your customers those memorable moments which make them return time after time. Bartenders have the opportunity to tell your customers a story through the drinks they sell and how they sell them.

On completion of Master hospitality bartender training, your team will not only learn the basics of bartending, they will gain the skills and confidence to tell a story through the drinks they create and serve. Giving your customers a unique experience and a story to tell with every sip.

Course content:

  • Definition of a Bartender
  • The skills and Qualities of Bartenders
  • The Do’s & Dont’s f Bartending
  • Setting up your bar the right way
  • Essential bar supplies and how to use them
  • The Drinks we serve and how to serve them
  • Beers, Stouts, Liquors, Spirts… Classifications and Brands
  • Cocktails- An introduction
  • Style and presentation tips
  • Customer Service Techniques
  • Role Play Exercises
  • Also covered is Product knowledge and Service Etiquette Training.

Methods & Prices:

Please Note:

Our Prices vary depending on the establishment, Payroll budgets, the volume of staff and your training needs. Please contact us directly for more details. If part of your personalized training program the price is incorporated into your agreed upon budget.

Classroom-based: 2-day course with a practical examination: Minimum Participants of 4 – Maximum Participants of 8: €250 per person.

One to One Skills Training (Max 2 persons)–  Duration depends on trainee’s skills level and learning abilities. €500 price per day. Min hours of 8 per day. Max hours of 12 per day.

Training Programs– determined by the volume of staff; Varies between €500 – €3000

Certificate/ Qualifications:

Participants receive a Master Hospitality certificate in bartender skills at a 5* level.


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