Barista Training

Our Barista Training is designed to ensure you, not only have the skills and knowledge to pour the perfect coffee but also have the love and passion to create the perfect coffee experience for your customers each and every time.

Training Content:

  • Coffee growing, harvesting & roasting
  • Freshness and packaging
  • Espresso & pulling shots
  •  Setting up a coffee grinder
  •  Setting up an espresso coffee machine
  •  Milk steaming to perfection
  •  Cappuccino, flat white, caffe latte,Iced latte
  •  Cafe mocha and hot chocolate
  •  Latte art – heart, tulip or rosetta shape
  •  Customer service
  •  Cleaning and maintenance

Methods & Pricing:

Monthly Public Courses: €100

Full Day on site training: Group rates available depending on number of participants and training needs

One to One Skills Training: €200

Personalised Training Programs– Determined by the volume of staff


Participants receive a Master Training College Barista Skills Certificate

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